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Lanxiang-The International Brand

Date: Thursday, 26 October 2017, 05:30

Founded in 1984, Lanxiang is a famous vocational education school around the world. By now, it has expanded the educational area from vocational education to basic education. And Lanxiang has already become an education brand including multi-direction, multi-level, and wide domain. Under the trend of globalization, Lanxiang is committed to become the international education enterprise, it will introduce the excellent domestic and foreign educational resources actively. With the advanced education idea and experience, Lanxiang will lead the development of education, and build a platform of high level for students.

Vocational education-Shandong Lanxiang senior vocational school

“The senior vocational school which is the strongest, China Shandong to look for Lanxiang. The employers rush to reserve the trainee, but can not get the trainee even pre-pay”. With the high training quality and familiar advertising, Lanxiang is well-known around the world as a vocational school, and numbers of trainees look forward to study in it.
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1. The shining entrepreneurial footprint and the fruitful training achievement

Each step of the development for Lanxiang, is not only the improvement of school scale and level, but also the symbol of entering a new transition stage. In October 1984, the prototype of Shandong Lanxiang senior vocational school (is short for “Lanxiang”)—the school-run technical school of Jina 57 middle school, is founded at a humble courtyard in Baohua street, Tianqiao district, Jinan city. In 1988, Lanxiang cooperated with the military to establish a vocational training school. In 1997, due to the separation between production and operation in military, Lanxiang built a new campus in Tianqiao district with the covering area of 3.3 hectares, over 90 thousand square meters of school building area. In September 2005, Lanxiang opened enrollment with the covering area of 10 hectares, over 100 thousand square meters of school building area . In October 2008, Lanxiang was completed with the covering area of 13.3 hectares, over 200 thousand square meters of school building area.

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Lanxiang created the miracle of development with hard-working and unremitting pursuit. Lanxiang has developed into an “Aircraft carried” of vocational education from the original humble courtyard. Today, Lanxiang has three schools: Shandong Lanxiang vocational training school in the northwest of Jinan, Shandong Lanxiang senior vocational school, and Shandong Lanxiang vocational technical college which is under construction. There are total five campuses with the covering area of 67 hectare, and over 400 thousand square meters of school building area. There are more than 80 majors such as Automobile Detection and Maintenance, Cuisine and Nutritional, NC Machine Tool Processing Technology, Welding Technique, Computer Application and Maintenance, Cosmetology and Hairdressing, Engineering Machinery, and Mechatronics and more than 60 working types.

The school is able to train the primary, middle, and senior artisans and probationary technician. There are more 1,500 staff members in the school and more 30 thousand trainees every year. By now, more than 400,000 all kinds of trainees have graduated from Lanxiang and entered the society. The achievement of Lanxiang has been recognized by all levels of the leadership and society. The leaders of national and provincial and municipal governments have come to Lanxiang to give guidance many times, and they all have given full recognition and high praise to the school. The school has also won many honorary titles such as “National advanced social organization”, “National advanced civil organization”, “National civil organization annual inspection advanced units” and so on.

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2. The idea that employment guides teaching, moves the “factory” into school

The root of Lanxiang’s success owes to the teaching idea that “The education should focus on the job market, the teaching quality should be on the basis of employment”, and “the only standard for testing teaching quality is the quality of employment”. This is Lanxiang’s teaching direction of vocational education, is the important basis of long-term healthy development.

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Moving the “factory” into the school is a successful practice of Lanxiang’s innovative talent cultivation model. This model has changed the situation that there is no direct connection between the theory and practice, only send students into factories in the internship so that the practice quality cannot be guaranteed and students need to study further when they graduate. The school build an environment combining the enterprise and school, so that the theory and practice can be combined closely, the students can experience the “real” factory as “workers”. Thus the students can not only get the production skills, but also develop the ability of management, cost counting and marketing etc., and make the distance between graduation and employment become zero.

The facilities in the “factory” are well equipped. The auto major has two training workshops of 36,000 square meters each. More are 100 sets of all kinds of automobiles of domestic and foreign brands can be used in the workshop, which can accommodate 6,000 students to practice at the same time. Cuisine and nutrition major has a training workshop of 20,000 square meters, which can accommodate more than 1,000 students to practice with a single stove for each. The NC Machine Tool Processing major has five large-scale training workshops equipped nearly 100 sets of precision CNC machine tools, processing centers and nearly 100 ordinary lathes, and NC training factory, which serve for the China National Heavy Duty Truck, JIER and many other enterprises.

The facilities in the “factory” are well equipped. The auto major has two training workshops of 36,000 square meters each. More are 100 sets of all kinds of automobiles of domestic and foreign brands can be used in the workshop, which can accommodate 6,000 students to practice at the same time. Cuisine and nutrition major has a training workshop of 20,000 square meters, which can accommodate more than 1,000 students to practice with a single stove for each. The NC Machine Tool Processing major has five large-scale training workshops equipped nearly 100 sets of precision CNC machine tools, processing centers and nearly 100 ordinary lathes, and NC training factory, which serve for the China National Heavy Duty Truck, JIER and many other enterprises.

The Cosmetology and Hairdressing major has 12 training workshops of thousands of square meters. Engineering machinery major has more than 100 world famous excavators, and loaders, bulldozers, rollers, car cranes and so on. Computer major has more than 2,000 brand computers which has break Guinness record. And it also has a training center of 5,000 square meters. Welding technology major has many kinds of welding equipments such as over 200 sets of ac welding equipments and other various equipments. There are also robots combining cutting and welding technology. The school has also established Shandong Lanxiang construction machinery factory, production mixing station, tower crane, construction elevator and other construction machineries, and the students from welding and NC majors have participated in the construction process mentioned above.

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3. Innovative teaching materials and teaching methods, strict teaching management

Since its establishment, Lanxiang has insisted on the innovation of teaching materials. In order to make the teaching content meet the needs of the development level of social productivity, the school established Textbook Compilation Committee, invests more than 5 million every year, and employs experts and professors from society, to revise the teaching materials constantly, and compile a series of professional courses of “zero-distance employment integration“.

The school takes the integration of theory and practice as the structure, integrates theory knowledge into the case to explain, and keeps pace with the times, deletes the content which is behind the development of the times, compiles the new technology, new technology, new equipment and other content into teaching materials, so as to ensure the teaching materials to be advanced and practical. In order to standardize the theory and practice teaching, the school has formulated and implemented the Establishment Standard for the Permanent Majors of Shandong Lanxiang Senior Technical School. The school set the standard for the two-year senior technical schooling, with 1000 students as a unit, high school graduates as the starting point. It set detailed matching criteria on which professional theory and professional skills to study, what kind of degree to achieve, how many lessons of theory and practice, how many equipment and materials are needed, the proportion of the theory and practice teachers, how to carry out the target assessment when students graduate, and finally to ensure the employment.

The school has established a management system to ensure the quality of the internship. The vehicle repairing workshop established equipment management system. When teachers and students get equipment, they should check the operation condition of equipment first; and when they return the equipment after the dismounting internship, they should check the operation condition of equipment again, which plays a promoting role in testing the practice level and protecting the practical equipment. The practice product in the NC workshop adopts real name system. Each workpiece processed by the students are marked with the ID number of the teachers and students. So we can see the product is processed by which student, under whose guidance, so as to test the teaching quality of teachers and practice level of students, as well as strengthen the management work.

The schools strengthened the assessment on the teaching quality and the employment ability of students. It combined he teacher’s teaching quality assessment with the employment rate of students, and formulated incentive and restraint assessment system. At the same time, in line with the spirit of being highly responsible to students, parents and society, the school paid great attention to the examination and test for certification. After graduation, the school issues diplomas; the Occupational Skill Identification Center will conduct on-site examination and issue the certificate of vocational qualification after passing the examination. Shandong Lanxiang employment center will implement the employment unit according to the information of recruitment Information and student employment intention, so as to complete all the teaching.

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4. Social training base, resulting in zero-distance employment situation

The teaching quality of “Lanxiang” has been recognized in various aspects, many domestic and foreign units have cooperated with it in running schools. The school has been named the Shandong University Student Practice Base, Shandong Enterprise Training Base, Shandong Labor Training Base, Shandong Support Work Socialization Demonstration Unit, Shandong Bureau of River Affairs Skills Identification Base, Ji’nan Re-employment Training Demonstration Base, Ji’nan Migrant Workers Training Designated School, Ji’nan Minority Labor Skills Training Base, Ji’nan Retired Soldiers Training Base and so on. In recent years, under the situation of difficult employment of college students, and difficult recruitment of enterprise in the society, more than 98% students of short-term training and senior technicians get employed as soon as they graduate, it presents the situation that “many enterprises want the graduates; they can’t be satisfied even handle subscription fees in advance”.

It is the only senior technical school in China that has collected subscription fees from employers for many years. In the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, the Eleventh National Games in 2009, Shanghai World Expo in 2010, Beijing International Beer Festival in 2011, Third Asian Beach games in 2012, and the Thirteenth National Games in 2017, there were 400, 286, 100, 370, 260, 400 cooking major students participated in the catering services. In May 2012, school graduates were selected to the Government Offices Administration of the State Council, Beidaihe Bureau and Railway Department, Department of State Administration Office of the State Council, and State Grid. The school is the only private vocational school in the country to transport technical sergeant to the school, and from 2006 it has transported technical sergeant to the army every year.

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5. Charitable act to the society, dedication to the country

“Lanxiang” has been growing, and it didn’t forget to solve problems foe the country and contribute to the society. From 2004 to August, 2010, it has invested about 18 million yuan to train more than 1000 soldiers, more than 3200 veterans and more than 100 military spouses for free, and recommended them to be employed in priority. It has invested 10 million yuan, to train nearly 5000 farmers, laid-off workers, and poor youth for free. It spends one million yuan every year on charitable donations, earthquake relief, school construction, and poverty alleviation. Since September 2009, it has train more than 10 thousand rural youths in 10 thousand administrative villages in Shandong province for free for five consecutive years. Since March 2010, it has invested 5 million to train 200 ethnic minority students from Aletai, Xinjiang.

Since 2010, more than 1000 veterans in Ji’nan have been trained free of charge each year. In 2010, the school also conscientiously implemented the important instructions on the work of the pilot area, and the requirement of unify the front and participate in the construction of the Bijie Experimental Plot in Guizhou of General Secretary Hu Jintao and other leading comrades of the Central Committee, and trained more than 200 students in Bijie for free and arrange employment for them. The school has won the honorary title of “the most caring enterprise in Ji’nan” for many years.

Under the new situation, the vocational education is in the ascendant and has a long way to go. To create a hundred-year brand, develop into a hundred-year elite schools, and make new achievement and contribution to the development of our country’s occupation education, “Lanxiang” is climbing towards the new goals.

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6. General Education – the Yellow River Bilingual Experimental School

The Yellow River Bilingual Experimental School in Tianqiao District, Ji’nan City is a twelve-year education lodging private school approved by the local education authorities.

The school is located in Ji’nan City, next to Lanxiang Middle Road in the south, and the Second Ring Road in the north, it is convenient in transportation and superior in location. The school covers an area of 205 acres, with a construction area of 110 thousand square meters, and a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan. The school is divided into teaching area, sports area, living area, with trees all around, the environment is very beautiful. According to the standard of Shandong provincial standardized school, the school arranged instrument and equipment, built 11 high-standard comprehensive teaching building, dormitory building, dining room, indoor sports hall and other kinds of school buildings. It also equipped with modern multimedia classrooms, art classroom, English theatre, taekwondo hall, fencing hall, creating studio, robot room, UAV room, AR room, geographical garden and other function rooms to offer rich and abundant course choices for students.

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The school cooperated with domestic schools and foreign schools in running school together and led the development of the school with the most advanced educational concepts and experience to build a high-level platform for students.

The school implements the “four full” teaching method, that is full boarding, full school teaching, full-time service, and full aspect development, and takes the service as guidance to make the students healthy in both mind and body, and grow up happily from learning to live, from time to space.

The school has a high level of management team composed of nationally renowned primary and secondary school principals, a backbone teacher team consisting of famous academic leaders in all grades from both inside and outside the province, and a highly responsible and caring logistic life support team to provide strong and all-round support for students’ healthy growth.

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The school focuses on the three dimensional training objectives of “patriotic feelings, modern attainment, and international vision”, taking quality as the core, responsibility education as the starting point, implements bilingual education and small class teaching, highlights the humanities and science courses, attach importance to the information course, art course, and international course, to promote all-round development and personal development of students, and cultivate world citizens with Chinese spirit.

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Cultivate the Yellow River feelings, and inherit the national spirits. The school is next to the mother river, the Yellow River, adhering to the Yellow River spirit of “practical, pluralistic, and exquisite”, taking the ” constant self-improvement, and learning unceasingly” as the school motto. According to principle of one hundred-year education, one hundred-year brand and one hundred-year rearing talent, the school follows the laws of education strictly, practically, refined and advanced to build a model of quality education and establish a new banner of private education in China.