Most of our Summer Camps will be within Hebei Province in places like Shijiazhuang, Chengde, Qinhuangdao, Zhangjiakou, Tangshan, and Xingtai. However, with our growing popularity we have also manned camps in Beijing, Tianjin, Xuzhou, Xi’an. We will provide teachers for multiple camps running simultaneously at many locations all summer long.

Oral English, Conversational English and for our teacher training courses Teaching Methodology.

To enhance the speaking and listening abilities of students and to improve teaching skills of local English teachers. The emphasis will be for the student to enjoy the experience and to learn directly from a foreign native English speaker. The intention is to make the class as fun and enjoyable for the students as possible.

We have classes at all age levels, but in most of the camps you will be teaching middle school students (Ages 13-18). We also organize training camps for English teachers. Class sizes are normally about 25 Students.

::Lesson Plan::
Teachers may be allowed to conduct and organize their own classes with some prior understanding of what the lessons may incorporate. Usually classes last from 45 to 60 minutes with a 5/10-minute break. Teachers should also prepare appropriate games, songs and activities for in the classes.

Mornings 8:00–11:30 am (3.5 hours) and afternoons 2:00–5:30 pm (3.5 hours). One teacher will supervise a class that may at times be divided into two groups more, with an assistant provided if necessary. Teachers will be able to divide the classes into oral English speech, listening, reading, videos, performances, songs, games, English corners and other settings, etc. With a little prior organization, it is unlikely that any excessive planning will be necessary. Classes can also be to be held outside the classroom. Camps are of reasonably short duration so it will be a 6-day week with Sundays for you to do as you please.

::Resource Materials::
A Whiteboard or Blackboard will most likely be provided. Unfortunately resources are limited here sometimes. Some camps may have exercise books to work with while others may be limited. So we do ask teachers to bring some resources, which might be suitable and likely to be of interest to the students. It will be possible to photocopy if adequate prior notice is given. Suggested resource materials are as follows; a world map; a few photos of your family, post cards, pictures, picture calendar of your country, your interests. Teaching Facilities: some of the classrooms have air conditioner, while some only have electric fans. Most classrooms will have tape recorders, most institutions have photocopying machines, TV sets, overhead projectors and many have computers.

::Schedule and Allowances::
There are over 60 Summer Camps that require teachers this summer. There will be openings all summer long on a first come first serve basis!! All of the camps will pay a minimum of 1000RMB/week for 16 to 20 hours of work as well as free accomodation. Most teachers end up making more than that but it is a figure we are comfortable with guaranteeing.

New Times guanrantees placement in a camp within one week of arrival in China.

::Qualifications for Applicants::

  • Native English speakers
  • High School Diploma
  • Over the age of 18
  • From the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia or NZ (other nationalities are welcome depending on their fluency and accent in Englsih)
  • Mature and flexible attitude
  • Bachelor Degree or TESOL/TEFL Certification (Neither are essential)

Simple shared hotel accommodation off campus will be provided though if you are a couple and both are involved in the same camp we will try to make sure you have the choice of staying together. Hotels will be reasonably accessible to the camp for each program. Accommodation will be arranged by us up to 48hrs before and after the program. The hotel rooms normally have two beds, air-conditioning, local telephone access, 24-hour hot water and showers.

Some camps will provide three meals for the students and teachers at the camps, but this is not always so. For people who long for home, nowadays you can find international chains, including the major fast-food chains, in most Chinese cities and most supermarkets have a limited range of western products and basic necessities are available in local shops except in the most remote regions.

Many Chinese cities, towns and villages are very interesting and scenic. One day local tours can be arranged by us and covered during each program on the Sundays. The staff and students are normally also very willing to show foreign teachers around the city and/or local sights outside of class time. If, while on the program, there is a particular well known site enroute or nearby then a tour can be arranged for a visit.

Some of the camps will have computers available with an Internet connection, in which case they will be made available for use. Otherwise even the smallest cities have Internet cafes that you can use at a very minimal expense (2-4RMB)

::Arrival and Travel::
If you are arriving from outside of China then you are required to arrive at least 48hrs in advance. Once you have joined the group your accommodation and meals will be arranged. The meeting point will be in Beijing. Please keep us informed of your travel schedule so that you can be met at the Airport. Beijing International Airport would be the most suitable destination. There is an international express train direct from Hong Kong but this is a long journey (24hrs), also pending on summer availability and only runs on alternative days, but it is very scenic entry to China. Travel reimbursement for international and domestic travel to Beijing or Shijiazhuang is not applicable for the Summer programs. Please email us with any other questions on this matter.

As these programs are of short duration, teachers will be responsible for their own travel and medical insurance during the program. Should the need arise, however, we would of course assist in whatever way we can.

::Documents and Passport::
You need to email us a cover letter, a resume and a photo, but we would only need a copy of your passport (the page with your passport number and photo) upon your arrival.

::Visa Info::
To participate in these programs it is possible to come on a tourist visa. Remember to get enough valid days on your visa to cover the whole time you will be teaching. If you cannot easily get a visa back home, arriving via Hong Kong might be an interesting alternative, as fast visa services are available there.

::Meeting Schedules::
There are no set schedules at any time for the summer camps due to the non-dependable nature of some organizers. It is very common for teachers to sign up for a specific camp and fly to China only to find out that the camp was cancelled and nobody warned them.

::Application Process::

  • Check the above program schedules travel requirements and apply as soon as possible.
  • Send us your cover letter, resume, and recent picture.
  • Apply for a tourist.
  • Arrival date needs to be 48 hours prior to each program commencing.