We are constantly looking for individuals who have a zest for life to teach English in places all over China. We have many positions available throughout the year. We have established a working relationship with many educational institutions all around the country, which enables us to offer teachers a wide choice of positions upon their arrival in China.

Moreover, the nature of our business allows us to match teacher profiles with openings based on location, salary, benefits and other factors. We try our best to assure that both parties are happy with their deals and we stand by our promises. Should a problem arise, we try our best to solve it.

We believe that good communication is key to our success and our long standing relationship with both foreign teachers and schools. Please let us know about your preferences (age group, number of hours, salary.) so that we can take them into account when searching for the right position.

We aim for your experience in China to be memorable… in a good way!


  • We normally only accept native speakers, but if qualified non-native speakers would like to use our services, we will charge $500.

::Positions will provide the following::

  • Pickup on arrival from Beijing International Airport.
  • Timely processing and trouble free paper work for work or business visa application/residency permits and requirements.
  • NOTE:It is the school’s responsibility to process your visa after you sign with them. New Times only gets involved if YOU ask them to or if the school is unable to do it.
  • Fully furnished accommodation, with electrical appliances, phone, and a computer with access to the Internet either at home or at school.
  • A choise between both 6 and 12 month contracts.
  • A number of paid vacations.
  • Willing and motivated students with basic English grammar skills, who do want to learn and participate.
  • Upon completion of a six month Contract the cost of a one way air ticket will be reimbursed and on completion of a 12 month contract the schools will reimburse you with the equivalent price of a round trip air ticket.
  • If prior notice is given, it is possible meet personal preferences such as location or target audiences.
  • Locations can be found within a convenient distance to experience specific ancient sites, or many other areas of significance.
  • Above average salary (between 3500 RMB and 6000 for up to 20 teachings periods a week).

::The most sought after qualities are::

  • Great interpersonal and intercultural personality.
  • Good physical and mental health.
  • Have the strength and self reliance to live in very different culture.
  • Skills and willingness to adapt to a different and possibly new culture.
  • Excellent oral and written communication capacities, including clear pronunciation and correct English grammar.
  • High School education or working experiences received in an English speaking country.
  • Bachelor Degree and/or TESL Qualification.
  • Teaching experience highly regarded, although not required. Aged between 20 and 60.

::Application Materials::

  • An application cover letter;
  • Your resume/CV including Education and Employment history, marital status and date of birth;
  • A copy of the information page of your passport;
  • A recent picture;
  • Your contact details;
  • Photocopy of your highest education certificate and/or TESL Certification.

::To be noted::

  • In 95% of the cases, your contract will not be with New Times: You will sign a contract with one of our contact institutions that have the permission to hire Foreign Teachers
  • There are differences in some of the contracts offered by various schools and it is up to YOU to decide on what YOU want!
  • New Times is not responsible for your visa unless you work for NEW TIMES. In most cases, the school will process your paperwork and we will only get involved if we feel that it is in your best interest.
  • New Times is not responsible for enforcing the small details specified in your contract. We will however provide as much assistance as we can to solve any problems you face. If we cannot help with the problems, we will help you get out of your contract and secure another position.
  • Unless you tell us that there is a problem, we will not know about it! So please, communicate with us before you come to China; while you are here and, though not necessary, we would like to hear from you after you have left China.